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Advancing worship in a traditional church

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Advancing worship in a traditional church

Course Description

Do you feel stuck in certain patterns of the worship in your church? Are you longing for your church to experience more of the Holy Spirit´s guidance in your worship? This course is for you.

This course is for worship leaders, worship teams, and even pastors who desire to take their church congregation to a deeper level of connection with God in worship. You may have wondered,  “How do we take our traditional church to be more open and connected to the movement of God´s spirit in worship?”  

I want to be clear that this course is not a debate between traditional and contemporary worship. Traditional can look different in many ways. You can be in a charismatic church with contemporary worship yet stuck in certain traditions and be traditional. You can also be in a more traditional style church yet be led by the Spirit. Our goal for this course is to help you take your church congregation to become true worshippers, to worship being led by God´s spirit and to worship in truth.

What can you expect to gain from this course?

  • Learn what worship actually looks like in the Bible and what it means to worship in spirit and in truth
  • Evaluate where your church is at with their biblical & cultural expression of worship.
  • Understand how to honour the good traditions and what to do with the dead traditions
  • Identify your authority and what you can actually do in the current position you are in.
  • Implement practical steps to disciple your church congregation, your worship teams, and others in being led by the Spirit in worship.

This course is made up of four modules with videos, pdfs, quizzes, and additional optional resources for further study. There are also reflection points and activation assignments to apply the teachings right away to your life. This course can be completed at your own pace, within a week or even a day, it is up to you and your schedule.

This is a great follow up course after you have went through the Ekte & Ærlig Tilbedelse book or bible study course. If you have already finished the book or the bible study course you can skip Module 1 because it is some of the same content or you can go through it as a refresher of what True worship is. In Module 2-4 we will go through more practical implications on working with your church to advance the worship in your church.


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